Emo Shoes: Bringing Your Love for the Emo Subculture to Footwear

There seems to be an even rising followers and degree of acceptance for the subculture in music and fashion called the emo subculture. Many emo inspired music and other articles show an extreme of the human emotions, commonly leaning to sadness, depression and other melancholy things. Many people love the raw idea of showing a deeper sense of the human feelings that shows even the painful side of feeling through music and the arts.

Let us dig deeper and examine the recurring articles used in emo shoes to understand the emo ideology better:

Dark hues – These shoe designs are known for using the dark color tones over the brighter ones. In this manner, deep sorrow and other depths of human emotions can be felt. Such designs are used not only in shoes but also in bags, shirts, caps and other fashion articles as well.

Mystical figures – These shoes are also characterized by its use of occult or mystical figures just like the Goth shoes. Such quality is a shared characteristic of these shoes with the slightly similar punk shoes and goth shoes. The mystical figures are very useful in creating more spunk and personality to the shoes. You need not worry about the appeal and character of such themes because they hold so much character that will let you stand out in a crowd.

Emo emoticons – The use of unhappy faces and other sad emoticons is consistent with the whole emo theme. Hence, these shoes will be more distinguishable over other popular shoe fashion trends such as the punk shoes or goth shoes.

Broken hearts – As humans consider the heart as the seat of the most intense human emotions, the use of hearts in emo footwear becomes perfectly logical. When these heart figures are used, there is a depiction of a deeper human emotions through it. Often, these hearts are depicted as broken, bleeding, in terrible shape or colored in dark hues. Through this depiction of the heart, the message of sadness or other deep emotion can be more easily expressed.

Artists, bands and anime characters – There are also many influential persons in the emo scene that many emo lovers adore. These people are often seen on these emo inspired articles and prove that the emo subculture has truly evolved into a big group. These famous personalities who make the emo subculture more popular will often appear in the shirt and shoe designs. Even famous anime characters are used to depict the emo tone and to achieve variety in the emo designs.

Emo Shoes are one of the highest fashion products out there now to buy.
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