Effective Tips to Attract Headhunters

It is hard to find a job. Most of the time, there are far to many applicants for a position and the competition becomes fierce. This nuisance can all be avoided if, instead of looking for a job, you are found to fill a long needed position. Most online résumé websites offer the option of being contacted by third parties to propose you new, interesting jobs. These third-party agents are known as headhunters. Headhunters are recruiters that are searching for a specific profile to fill a very specific position. They are experts at researching people, résumés and profiles. Most of the time, headhunters work externally to the client who is looking to fill the position, and thus have more time to investigate potential candidates properly. Attracting headhunters can be very helpful to get a better job or escalate to better positions. But, what does it get to attract one of these expert recruiters?

1.  Craft an effective résumé

While most of headhunters might contact…

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