Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones: Seven of the worst cameos in film and TV

Game of Thrones fans have reacted pretty negatively to Ed Sheeran‘s widely-discussed cameo in the new series. 

Sheeran is seen midway through singing a campfire song, and turns around for a rather unsubtle close-up shot. 

The singer-songwriter was then given extensive on-camera coverage for the rest of that scene, appearing in the foreground and backround of shots featuring Arya and the other soldiers. 

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 2 preview

His cameo was the biggest of the show so far, following more subtle appearances from Coldplay, Sigur Ros, Snow Patrol and Mastodon. 

Many have criticised the show for not attempting to conceal his identity, where other cameos have gone almost-unnoticed. 

Here are six more of the worst celebrity cameos in film and TV: 

Every Trump cameo ever

We obviously weren’t going to let this one slide. We’ll begin with Home Alone 2, where a lost Kevin McCallister runs into the billionaire business mogul as he tries to find his way around New York’s Plaza Hotel, which the now-US President bought in 1988. 

A brief exchange paved the way to a further 12 TV and film credits for Trump, including a Pizza Hut advert in 1995, and an equally-terrible cameo in an episode of Sex and the City. 


David Beckham in King Arthur

The football legend was roundly mocked after clips from Guy Ritchie’s new film appeared online, with film fans and critics both dismissing his acting. 

Empire called the cameo…

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