Dr. Kiran Gill Recognized on Ebella Magazine as Top Local Surgeon

The #NYerCoverChallenge is Explosive as the World Celebrates Female Surgeons

Many facets of surgical medicine have been led predominantly by male surgeons, until now, and we are thrilled to see more women entering the field of medicine, bringing change and adding their own feminine element. Four female surgeons were recently featured on the cover of New Yorker’s April edition with a storyline dedicated to the challenging stereotypes that are unique to each of the four doctor’s professions. The aftermath of the article was significant as a #NYerCoverChallenge exploded. The challenge became viral both nationally and internationally and is continuing to bring light to the changing face of medicine and the women who are changing it. The Aesthetic Surgery Center in Naples, Florida, is joining the world as we celebrate the strong women who make every field more balanced.

In response to the outstanding public reaction that was expressed during the #NYerCoverChallenge, the èBella Magazine featured eight local female surgeons in their July 2017 issue. The Aesthetic Surgery Center is THRILLED to announce that one of their team’s doctors, Dr. Gill, has been recognized for her outstanding work as a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Naples, Florida. The èBella Magazine article highlights the unique challenges that women doctors typically face and overcome. We are proud to have our own Dr. Gill featured, and we extend our heartiest congratulations to her!

Balancing Self and Family as a Female Surgeon

Dr.Kiranjeet Gill understands the challenges of balancing self and family. “As women, we tend to neglect ourselves to tend to others. This goes for the men too. Whether it’s the stress of work or time constraints, we need to do a better job of taking care of ourselves.” Dr. Gill prioritizes learning and…

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