Do You Know About Social Spirituality?

Spirituality, religion, or other private issues are thought not to be discussed openly with other people. However, sharing those personal issues with reliable people brings benefits to us. For instance, we have opportunities to know other points of views on the same topic. After hearing different opinions, we may or may not change our perspective, but at least we may receive quite lots of pieces of information to think about. Hence, we may know how to sustain, adjust, or develop our spiritual side more.

This article is mainly presenting spiritual retreat and ways of combining social spirituality with spiritual isolation.

What Are Spiritual Retreats?

Spiritual retreats are different for different religions. They can be a person’s journey or a group’s journey. They can be organized at a remote area, or a retreat place like monastery. They can be held silently or they are full of meaningful conversations. One of the purposes of spiritual retreats is to connect people’s soul with the divine such as God.

Since spiritual seekers are put in a safe environment, they are much more comfortable to share with other seekers about their perspectives, or they have their own time privately to communicate their thoughts with their spirituality so that their spiritual life can be stronger.

Combining Spiritual Isolation with Social Spirituality

Spiritual isolation has its own strength. Being isolated in a private location peacefully is one of the necessary parts to keep in touch with the spiritual part in each seeker. It seems seekers are checking what is happening to their spiritual life as a friend is talking to his/her close friend. Without such similar communication, sometimes seekers may not understand some signals sent by their spiritual side.

However, connecting with the people who have the same spirituality is one of the effective ways for each seeker to increase their strength. It is more advantageous if seekers can combine spiritual solitude with social spirituality. Sharing thoughts and experiences with like-minded seekers may be an important step for seekers to make their spirituality grow significantly and help seekers understand their selves through discussing, and giving and receiving feedback.

In brief, the combination of solitude and social spirituality may be the best method for seekers to grow their spirituality healthily and deeply. Obviously, choosing a way or a combination depends heavily on seekers.

Once someone changes their place or decides to talk to another person, they may change their ideas, get answers to their questions, and improve the strength of their belief. It is time they challenged their spirituality in a safe community before they are challenged by the reality. Though spiritual life seems not to connect with reality closely, a person’s spirituality will determine how he/she thinks, behaves, and reacts in front of life events. A healthy and strong spirituality not only helps him/her stand firm when dealing with life storms, but also helps other people search for stable spirituality and feel the power of a healthy spiritual life.

Selecting a Spiritual Retreat

Since a spiritual retreat is a journey of helping seekers to turn inward, talk, and examine themselves, so they may take one more step in their spirituality. Hence, places for spiritual retreats should be safe with a good reputation and a clear operator.

Since a spiritual retreat is a journey of helping seekers to turn inward, talk, and examine themselves, so they may take one more step in their spirituality.
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