Discover the Beautiful World of the Caribbean Islands

Caribbean islands consist of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. It is located southeast of North America, east of Central America and to the North West of South America. That was the geographical location of the Caribbean islands.

The area of Caribbean Sea consists of over 7000 islands with numerous reefs, and islets. It is mostly located on the Caribbean Plate. What we call West Indies is actually a collection of islands. It consists of Antilles which is itself differentiated into three parts-the Greater Antilles on the north, the Lesser Antilles on the south and the east and the Leeward Antilles. Other islands are the Bahamas to the northeast and Bermuda further north in the Atlantic Ocean.

In geo-political terms, West Indies is the “sub region” of North America and consists of 28 territories. These territories include sovereign states, overseas departments, and dependencies. In the past, it was a county named the Federation of the West Indies with about ten English speaking Caribbean nations.

And when it comes to Caribbean vacation, well there are very few other places in the world that could compete with it. The best thing about Caribbean vacation is that it has something for everyone’s taste. So, if you are a water sport enthusiast or like hiking, swimming or diving or other such water sports, you would find Caribbean islands a never ending joy ride.

It is not for nothing that Caribbean islands are considered paradise on earth for tourists. Actually Caribbean islands offer you a whole lot of choices. Whether you seek fun and adventure or you seek seclusion and privacy, you can find some islands fitting the bill.

For example, take a flight from St. Maarten or take a motor boat from there and get to Cap Juluca. It is truly a fabulous place to visit. Its beautiful white sand beaches and truly picturesque surrounding is enough to bewitch anyone.

And when you get to Caribbean islands, you would be pleasantly surprised with Caribbean hotels here. You would find that all kinds of Caribbean hotels are here. It all depends on your tastes and your budget. So, you can opt for large Moorish villas or five star restaurants. And it is not that you would be living in concrete jungles. When you live in Caribbean hotels, you would be living amidst tropical gardens and lush greenery.

Caribbean villas offer you highly trained professionals taking care of all your needs. You can spend your holidays here with great comfort and extravagance. When you reach Cap Juluca, you would find a lot of leisure services here like a fitness center, a private golf course, aqua golf driving range, bunker and putting green, croquet lawn, a great swimming pool, a tennis court with a full-time resident pro and host of water sports facilities like snorkeling, wind surfing, water skiing and sailing.

So, pack your bags now and come to this paradise which is the Caribbean islands!

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