Digital Marketing Expert Evan Weber Has Reached the 20,000 LinkedIn Connections Milestone


Evan Weber, CEO and Founder of Internet advertising agency Experience Advertising, Inc., has exceeded 20,000 professional connections on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest business-oriented social network. Weber’s agency, Experience Advertising, is a digital marketing agency that implements and manages online marketing, digital advertising, and social media strategies for companies of all sizes. Evan Weber has been in the Internet marketing industry since 1997 when he founded a free auction website, and began personally using LinkedIn shortly after its launch in 2003.

Founded in 2003, connects the world’s professionals and business people to make them more productive and successful. With more than 500 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network on the Internet. The company has a diversified business model with revenue coming from: Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions and Premium Subscriptions products. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, LinkedIn has offices across the globe.

Weber stated, “I consider reaching 20,000 connections on LinkedIn a major milestone in my professional career. The majority of my connections are in the digital marketing industry, so I consider myself very well connected in my industry and LinkedIn has been instrumental in helping me attain my position in my industry. I began using LinkedIn right after it was launched because I saw the potential it held to build a vast portfolio of connections. I have been adding connections for years by sending invites proactively and accepting invites sent to me. LinkedIn has wonderful tools for building connections and they should be used as…

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