Different Uses of Titanium in Industry

Titanium is a corrosion resistant chemical element with the atomic number 22 and the symbol Ti. It has a high melting point and has a relatively low density. In the last sixty years, with the complex and expensive process, the properties of titanium have resulted in advances in several applications including technology, medicine, marine, aviation and many other applications that today we take as granted. The production process of titanium occurs by reacting titanium chloride (TiCl4) with either magnesium or sodium not the oxide. High temperature is needed for the reaction and also need to handle with care.

This element can be alloyed with aluminum, iron, molybdenum and vanadium. It becomes highly strengthened by deformation and alloying process. Many alloys contain this element as a minor additive but not usually considered to be titanium alloy because these alloys are categorized according to which the element forms the majority of the materials. Titanium is stronger than steel…

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