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It is commonly believed that it is better to take good photos in a sunny day. When the weather began to deteriorate, many people have no interest in shooting. And when the rain visits the ground, people have already put away the camera and rested at home. In fact, any weather can provide different shooting opportunities, and the rain just right provides the photographers the best opportunity to explore their creative photography and let the work more interesting and better grab people’s attention in the rain. So, you may also pick up your camera in a rainy day.

Most people won’t go out in a rainy day because it is inconvenient. If you want to take ideal photos but worry about the camera will be got wet by the rain. Here are several methods to protect your camera.

How to protect the camera?

Shooting in a rainy day, the most important thing is to protect your equipment from water. Now, many SLR have a waterproof cover for underwater photography. However, they are always a little expensive. A pragmatic approach is to put the camera in a plastic bag, and then set the lens hood. After cutting the plastic in front of the lens, you will have a camera that can shoot in the rain. In addition, the waterproof bag is also very important. Good camera bags are always made of waterproof materials, but the general brand bags usually not. So, the safest way is to set a waterproof cover to the camera bag.

What should I shoot in a rainy day?

In fact, you can shoot everything which worth to shoot. Here I just listed many objects may give you inspiration.

Random objects

The random objects have no fixed shooting subjects. They might be toys, fruit, flowers, musical instruments, books, watches and clocks, and other objects around you. You should take time to pay attention to the shooting details of the object while shooting such subjects. Starting from the details, and through the combination of different shooting angle and the shooting mode, you may make a more creative shooting subject.


This is a very interesting shooting theme. The rain will bring out some interesting patterns, which is precisely a crucial part of the photography, because the pattern allows the combination of the work becomes more attractive. The picture capture the fast falling water looks like very simple, but it has a complex shooting program behind the subject. It not only can exercise the photographer’s shooting skills, but also can train the patience and confidence for the photographer.

Inverted image

Another interesting aspect of the rainy day photography is that you can shoot reflection. The rain is like a smooth mirror which can reflect different pictures. Due to the reflection of the rain, distant scene will look bright and the shadow is hazy. It can make your photo has special flavor, and also adds a sense of awe and abstract to the works.

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