Destiny 2 – Every Exotic, Rare Weapon We’ve Seen So Far

At the recent preview event for Destiny 2 in LA on May 18, we went hands-on with the game for the first time, getting to test out a variety of different weapons in a mixture of locations.

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As we previously reported from the show floor in LA, the system of two weapon slots from the original Destiny is now gone, replaced by a system with three overall slots. These slots are Kinetic, Energy, and Power, and certain weapons will fit into those categories. It’s up to you how to equip your character, as you could have two Hand Cannons in the Kinetic and Energy slots, while saving the Power slot for a sniper rifle.

The Best Weapons Revealed for Destiny 2

The Riskrunner appears to already be a favorite of those that have played Destiny 2 early. Glimpsed in the opening mission playthrough on the main stage, this submachinegun spits out bullets at an incredibly high rate, while not necessarily compromising on the recoil.

The Golden Gun might be one of the most powerful weapons to obtain at the start of Destiny 2, but it’s only available to the Hunter class. Once the Golden Gun Super Ability has been activated, the Hunter will be able to wield the powerful Hand Cannon for a limited amount of time, dealing devastating damage to all those in their path.

Another Hand Cannon that packs a powerful punch in Destiny 2 is the Suros GJS-42. Unlike the Golden Gun, this weapon isn’t tied to a specific class, and can be weilded by anyone. The reload speed is extremely high, as is the same with the impact statistic, the the Suros boasts the Adaptive upgrade, meaning it’s a very stable weapon to use.

A Scout Rifle that should be powerful weapon to use in any situation is Does Not Compute. This odly named weapon has an impact stat that’s very nearly maxed out, as well as boasting a high range, but without completely sacrificing the handling or reloading statistics. Does Not Compute also has a perk that allows the user an increased movement speed, meaning you can comfortably strafe from side to side while aiming.

Another weapon that we briefly played around with at the Destiny 2 event was the Hand Cannon named Better Devils. Like the Suros, this weapon also possesses the Adaptive perk, but its projectiles also create an area of effect damage on impact. Better Devils will be a good weapon to use when you’re outnumbered, and in need of a solid, reliable weapon.

A sniper rifle that we’ve got our sights set on is the Copperhead-4SN. This weapon might not appear to have a fantastic impact statistic, but a perk means that accuracy, stability, and handling are all increased when firing the weapon while crouched. The Copperhead-4SN should be a reliable sniper rifle to use, especially from an increased…

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