Debt Relief Industry Leaders Unite at Revcon2017. Change Is Coming.


It is time for change. It is time to advance into the mainstream and create a safe, reliable marketplace for consumers facing financial difficulty

The Evolution of Debt Relief

The debt relief industry has been rife with challenges over the years. Consumers in financial distress are often faced with limited choices to engage and address their debt problems. Oftentimes bankruptcy becomes their only option to effectively eliminate the stress that is caused by ballooning consumer debts. In the early 2000s, unsecured consumer debt was rising and consumers were finding themselves facing significant financial strain. Financial stress has long been attributed to marital problems, self esteem challenges, depression, despair and have been linked to physiological problems as those stresses take a physical toll on the human’s overall health and well being. The connection between stress and increased mortality rates has been a hot topic in the health and wellness industry and research is substantiating a tangible link between financial stress and increased mortality.

Consumers finding themselves in financial despair due to unmanageable levels of debt have been limited in the options available to address the situation and find relief. At that time, options for debt relief were limited to consumer credit counseling, strategic pay-down methodologies, bankruptcy or simply continuing to pay down the debts using their available means over extended periods of time.

In that vacuum and the need for creative solutions, debt negotiations and settlement was presented to the marketplace. Debt negotiations is a service whereby an experienced negotiator will engage the creditors to present the hardship on behalf of the indebted consumer…

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