Dealing with Strange Problems during an Event Will Make You Stand Out from Ordinary Caterers

Among the many available caterers in London, one way to tell the professional ones from the ordinary ones is through the way unexpected problems in an event are dealt with. How do these London caterers prepare for such potential problems in the midst of their catering service? What are some of the things they anticipate so as to plan solutions ahead of the problems? Certainly, the London caterers who have been in this business for a long time and are considered experts, already are those who always have back-up plans and alternatives for possible glitches during an event.

Gather the Pertinent Details:

Professional caterers in London always make it a point to collect all the pertinent details about the event— the venue, the number of hours reserved, the location of the kitchen, the number of expected guests, the program, the table set-up, the layout of the area, the theme and motif, the list of VIPs, and more. Think of all the aspects of the event that may affect your catering service. Also anticipate all the possible problems you can come up with which may arise during the event. Upon doing so, you will be able to determine each and every important detail that you ought to take note of.

Do an Ocular Inspection:

Whether you have already catered at a certain venue or it will be your first time, never skip an ocular inspection. This is crucial because it is what will help you come up with the suggested layouts for your clients. You will be able to define the available routes to and from the kitchen, the accessible outlets which you may need for electrical equipment, the area where you can set up your makeshift kitchen if there is no actual kitchen, and amount of space to allot for positioning tables and other materials such as a stage and dessert station. If you have been to this site before, this is the time to also note down changes and adjustments.

Have a Run-Through:

To ensure a smooth-sailing catering service, a run-through with the team that will be present during the event is necessary. Roles and responsibilities must be assigned ahead of time, and should be clarified during the run-through meeting. This is also the time when everyone can voice out possible problems they believe the team should anticipate and be ready for.

Prepare Buffers and Extras:

Professional London caterers always have buffers for the food. For instance, if the expected number of guests is 100, the prepared food must be good for 110 or 120 people. Apart from the food, it is best to have extras for everything important such as utensils, tables, table cloths, and centerpieces.

Assign an Experienced Coordinator:

One way to deal well with problems during an event is to have an experienced and efficient coordinator or head for the catering service. This person will oversee everything and make sure that things go according to plan. At the same time, he or she will be in charge of deciding on important matters and resolving difficulties when they arise. The coordinator…

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