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Moviegoers at Rave 53 Cinemas, Davenport, have two new options for seating, including large luxury recliners that will be at all 18 screens by September.

Since June, theater chain owner Cinemark has put in the leather loungers (each with tray and cupholder) with copious leg room in eight of the Rave theaters, averaging 120 seats in each, Bryan Jeffries, vice president of marketing and communications for Plano, Texas-based Cinemark, said this week. All theaters will be similarly outfitted during the next two months, and there is no additional ticket costs for the seats, even though it reduces capacity by half, he noted.

“The pleasantly surprising thing about it, customers enjoy it so much, they will come back more often, so technically we don’t lose attendance,” Mr. Jeffries said. “No one sees it as not worth it, when you get it at the same ticket price. People have commented, ‘Why can’t they all be like this?”

“There is give back to the customers, and they reward us by coming more often. They want to have that kind of experience,” he said.

Cinemark — which has 337 multiplexes nationwide, with 4,541 total screens — has 78 theaters in the U.S. with luxury loungers, he said. The only other Iowa and Illinois locations are West Des Moines and Altoona, Iowa, and the Chicago suburb of Bourbonnais.

“It’s being done by other companies around the country, more often in theaters of a certain age,” Mr. Jeffries said, noting Rave, at 3601 E. 53rd St., opened in 1998, with theaters averaging 250 seats. “It was probably time to replace the chairs anyway. It has much to do with keeping the theaters in good condition. If they continue to be successful which this one is, you don’t want to give people a reason to find bigger, better down the road. You make the bigger, better.”

Last summer, Cinemark installed new D-Box leather seats…

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