Custom Structured Settlements, LLC Touts the Merits of Venture Solutions

James Smyth, Executive Director of Custom Structured Settlements, LLC

When we save tax money to add value within a business, we create more value for the wealth managers to invest.

​ Contrary to popular belief, venture solution providers are different from attorneys, accountants, and wealth managers. To illustrate their differences, James Smyth, Executive Director of Custom Structured Settlements, LLC, and Arthur Jensen, Senior Tax Director of Custom Structured Settlements, LLC, list the following three tips:

No. 1: Attorneys: Attorneys provide excellent legal advice and pros and cons. An attorney knows one’s business and state law, and their job is to look out for the client’s interest. Their advice and review of documents and concepts is critical.

“Using our unique VIP℠ Process, our venture business and transaction solutions require different thinking than an attorney,” said Smyth. “We actively enhance wealth building and preservation, and our relationship as a third party gives us advantages to solve solutions that an attorney can see but can’t solve.”

No. 2: Accountants: One’s accountant provides excellent accounting and tax advice. They know their client’s business situation, health, and tax implications of various approaches, especially for return preparation and signoff.

“We work to satisfy accountant concerns to protect you,” noted Jensen. “Venture solutions embed business purpose and differ from most accountants’ thinking in the ways we can actively provide asset protection and faster value accumulation.”

No. 3: Wealth managers. Most people are familiar with wealth managers. Wealth managers typically strive to extract money from the business to invest for…

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