CSS Music Introduces Digital Fingerprinting Technology

With the content piracy on a constant high, it has become imperative for the content creators and distributors to come up with newer ways to overcome the digital content piracy. Keeping this in front, CSS Music has introduced the digital fingerprinting technology aimed at countering the content piracy. The music company has retained the services of Tunesat to help overcome the content piracy by keeping track of the music. CSS is amongst the top-rated music publishers, and such a move by them can help the entire entertainment industry overcome the content piracy.

CSS plans to overcome the online content piracy with the diligent and effective tracking systems Tunesat has to offer. Tunesat’s tracking system can be an effective way to overcome the infringement and copyright issues, which have become the ballgame these days. CSS is amongst the first music library to advocate for and use the services of digital fingerprinting technology. The officials at the CSS Music are confident that this technology would help them get the job precisely. Overcoming the content piracy has become a bane, but the fingerprinting technology can turn out to be an ideal way forward, added by the CSS Music’s official.

According to the marketing director of the CSS Music, Mike Fuller, the content piracy has been a headache for more than a decade now, but owing to the technological advancements, the days of the content piracy are more or less over. He further added that apart from catching the cheaters downloading the music illegally, the use of the digital fingerprinting technology could also help the users come across the appropriate music, without having to go through any hassle. The fingerprinting technology is beneficial to match the user requirements and offer the music everyone wishes to enjoy. All this can be done quickly, accurately and efficiently, just because of the digital fingerprinting technology. Along with that, the fingerprinting technology helps the music owners to keep track of the use of the digital content, helping the music owners monetize the music with ease.

The above-mentioned are just the initial benefits the music owners can derive. In the long run, the fingerprinting technology can serve not only the music industry, but the entire entertainment industry can be greatly benefited by the use of this technology. With all the talks about the content piracy, the fingerprinting technology can serve the industry ideally. With this technology in place, combating the content piracy would not be a tough ask. The digital fingerprinting technology would help the authorities gather enough evidence to come across the copyright infringement.

Mike Fuller further indicated the fact that the music is pirated at its earlier stages. The compositions are pirated, paving the way towards pirated content over the internet. The digital fingerprinting technology can help the music owners keep track of their music, and any illegal activity can be tracked and…

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