CrowdCare showcases market-leading, multi-channel enterprise virtual agent powered by artificial intelligence at The AI Summit

CrowdCare Corporation, provider of the world’s most advanced cognitive digital care solution for the enterprise, will highlight innovation in customer communications as a sponsor of the upcoming AI Summit in London. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the company’s Wysdom platform is providing accurate, automated answers to more than 60% of subscriber questions received through multiple digital channels at top telecommunications providers. The platform currently houses more than 85,000 industry-specific questions.

AI Summit attendees are invited to book a demo of CrowdCare’s industry-leading virtual agent by contacting the company at sales(at)crowdcare(dot)com.

“Cognitive virtual agents are top of mind across numerous industries because of the very real customer service and economic benefits they can provide. But like conversational AI chatbots Siri, Alexa and Cortana, enterprise-run virtual agents risk frustrating customers if they cannot understand the context behind a customer’s simple question or if the experience is different from one digital channel to another,” said Ian Collins, co-founder and CEO of CrowdCare. “Solutions like Wysdom offer artificial intelligence as a service for specific industries as opposed to a shared natural language model that co-mingles training data and has difficulty pinpointing the intent behind customer questions. Wysdom is specific to the particular needs of our enterprise clients and our team is continuously improving it for their customer language.”

Venture capitalists that specialize and invest in machine learning startups predict 2017 is the year that most conversational bots over voice and chat will begin to fall out of favour. Also in 2017, Bradford Cross, founding partner at Data Collective, expects to see “breakout successes from a handful of vertically-oriented AI startups solving full-stack industry problems that require subject matter expertise, unique data, and a product that uses AI to deliver its core value proposition.” CrowdCare is one of the fast-growing companies helping to prove this prediction. At the same time, according to Forrester Research, investments in AI are expected to triple in 2017 as companies look to unlock the potential of machine learning.

CrowdCare’s Wysdom platform has spent many years analyzing millions of actual questions from telecommunications subscribers, making it the market’s most effective cognitive virtual agent. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand customer needs and efficiently provide the information they are seeking via their preferred digital care channels without human intervention.

“We are excited to share our AI innovations with attendees of The AI Summit and demonstrate why organizations that want to create the best automated…

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