Crime Novelist Steve Copling Jumps Genres with Introduction of Highly Anticipated YA Fantasy Series

Sage Alexander and the Hall of Nightmares (Brown Books Publishing Group, April 2017) by Steve Copling

Writing fantasy is fantastic. The ‘write what you know’ rule doesn’t apply anymore, and I have more freedom to use my imagination. It’s been great fun creating an entire history for a race of angelic-humans.

Brown Books Publishing Group is proud to announce the publication of Sage Alexander and the Hall of Nightmares by Steve Copling. A crime novelist and veteran in law enforcement, this is Copling’s first foray into young adult fantasy and serves as the foundation for a seven-book series.

In Hall of Nightmares, Copling transports readers to a world that is darker than it seems. The human race is in danger, controlled unknowingly by the Seven Princes of Hell, angelic embodiments of the seven deadly sins. The Angelic Response Council has fought the forces of evil for centuries, but their numbers are dwindling. Humanity’s fate lies in the prophecy of a gifted warrior who will rise to bring about the demise of the fallen angels cast out of heaven and all of their nefarious descendants. His name is Sage Alexander.

Beowulf, Grendel, werewolves, vampires, angels, demons, the Brothers Grimm and Leviathan all collide in the first novel of this highly anticipated series. Copling challenges readers’ perceptions as he pulls characters and scenes from history books, legend, mythology and the Bible to create a world where they are all realities in the ultimate battle of good versus evil.

Sage Alexander’s birth has been foretold for centuries as the coming of a legendary warrior with supernatural abilities. He will be the one to save the human race from the darkness cast by the Seven Princes of Hell. But when Sage finally sets out to fulfill his destiny and deliver humanity from the grips of Greed, he soon realizes it is only the beginning.

Sage Alexander and the Hall of Nightmares was born out of an endearing request from the author’s grandson Sage, who asked Copling to write him a book for Christmas one year. His ultimate goal with this series is simple – to write stories that Sage and his brother Nikhil will love reading. “That remains my objective,” he says. “If I continue to focus on that goal, I know other kids their age will also love getting to know Sage Alexander and reading about his adventures.”

Copling is also the author of two crime novels, The Listener and The Shooting Season. His professional background and knowledge of police procedurals informs his writing, and he often draws from his experience when writing crime fiction.

Now that’s he’s begun exploring the incredible unknown with Sage Alexander, however, he’s hooked. “Writing fantasy is fantastic,” says…

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