Creative Aquatic Therapy Provides Anchor, Structure in Patient Non-Compliance Battle

Patients with complex diagnoses and treatment plans often find themselves involved in physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions. To boost their interest and remove common barriers to patient participation and compliance, many professionals are exploring unique methods to combine two or more types of therapeutic treatments. To this end, aquatic therapy has proven to be an outstanding forum for successful experimentation.

On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, Debi Tyler, Director of Rehabilitation at Cedar Village Retirement Community in Mason, Ohio, will share her experiences in combining treatment approaches and objectives using water therapies to make all therapy sessions more enjoyable for professionals and patients. Her webinar, “Innovative Techniques for Multidisciplinary Aquatic Therapy,” is scheduled from 1:00-2:00 p.m. E.D.T. and is hosted by HydroWorx, the premiere manufacturer and distributor of exceptional aquatic products and peripheral devices for globally recognized hospitals, clinics, sports facilities and other organizations.

Debi’s focus during her dynamic presentation will be an in-depth discussion of how occupational, physical and speech therapy sessions can be combined in an aquatic environment. Not only will she touch upon the way aquatic therapy allows patients with complex diagnoses to get the specialization they need in one session, but she will show that improvement can happen at an exponential rate by inventively overlapping multidisciplinary techniques and goals.

Innovative Techniques for Multidisciplinary Aquatic Therapy” attendees will get an “insider’s look” in what’s happening at Cedar Village thanks to imaginative aquatic environment exercises and platforms. Case studies during the webinar will be offered to demonstrate how to use aquatics for speech therapy results alongside more traditional physical and occupational therapy.

Participants of “Innovative Techniques for Multidisciplinary Aquatic Therapy” can expect to learn the advantages of aquatic therapy, new strategies to combine more than one type of rehabilitation and how to practically apply exercises to keep patients moving toward their (and their physicians’) objectives. Time will be allotted at the end for discussion with Debi.

This webinar is free to attend, but pre-registration is required. Interested attendees can register at the HydroWorx website.

About the Presenter

A 30-year occupational therapy veteran, Debi Tyler has worked in numerous settings during her extensive career. These include acute and sub-acute hospital rehab, and home health and skilled nursing facilities. A graduate of Tufts University-Boston School of Occupational Therapy, she continues to hone her abilities regularly to provide top-level care to the older patients she currently serves.

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