Conventional and New-age Leadership Attributes

Leadership emerges from a fostering change that is a never ending process. The manner and approach of directing, implementing ideas and motivating a group of people indentifies a good leadership. Exceptional leadership qualities include being honest and confident about self strengths and leading others to create an environment in which the team is actively involved in the entire process. It is a process of influencing a group to achieve a common goal from the shared experiences, external pressure and internal need to break free from conventional methods.

Conventional leadership is about being in-charge and managing people, and making strategic decisions. Leadership theories have been continuously molded to develop from a closed format to an open format. There is a transition to the facilitating mode of influencing the team to follow a leader rather than dictating or making decisions for people that might lead to crisis. New age theories have come far from the conventional leadership traits, though some feel that not much has changed from the basic concepts underlying leadership. The universal truth of leadership style to turn people to become great and beneficial leaders is still the same.

Leadership is no more just based on power or the power to dominate people. Instead it is the focus to stay on track and keep the team on track by involving the team with work responsibilities while being mindful of everyone’s interests, goals, and strengths. Leadership is a group process and that the members of the group exemplify certain qualities and values like shared knowledge, interpersonal competencies and technical skills that contribute to the effective functioning. This style of leadership is the new development; where in a group of people come together, make an actionable plan and commit to making things happen. It reflects the new ways of leading a group by building a foundation and understanding the nature of employees, their perception about the organization, all of which provides new insights on how to move people into effective action.

Collective leadership is what happens when a large group of people come together and commit to making big things happen and this theory helps to encourage contribution of people who are involved in the decision making process. Collaborative group effort creates a less competitive environment and the air is filled with less disagreement, criticism, and controversies as people work with empathy and cohesively towards a common goal with the ultimate call taken by the leader.

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