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There are many gold mines in the US and these are situated in federal lands where many privately owned mining companies have been given licenses to do their mining operations. These companies do not owe any royalty to the government and have been granted the license under the General Mining Act of 1872.

If you are interested in detecting and extracting gold, then you will next wonder about who to contact about gold mining. There are various companies listed on many websites. These companies have prospecting licenses for various minerals such as gold, coal, iron ore, copper, titanium, semi precious stones and so on. They also provide their services to other mine owners. You have to contact the companies that have the prospecting and exploration licenses for the various natural resources of the world and also verify the countries for which these licenses apply.

By knowing who to contact about gold mining, you can select the company which has the license in your area. There are various territories all over the country which have proven as gold belts and various companies secure rights or license in and around these areas. These companies carry on regular work with regard to surface sampling in order to establish the presence of gold in alluvium as they do a lot of subsurface drilling. Gold mining can be done with the help of these companies as they have experienced geologists, mining and geotechnical engineers and surveyors.

If you are interested in entering into a joint venture as an investor but do not know to contact about gold mining, then you can contact these mining companies who help potential miners to find a good gold placer mine or a mine where the gold is found within hard rocks. You can even contact them in order to get access on an already existing or operating gold mine for a turnkey type of operation. Alternatively, you can ask them to search for areas according to your specifications.

If you have access to private lands where you would like to do mining, then you can contact these companies for doing joint operations and you will get all forms of assistance in the form of certified geologists, staff, experienced mining operators and others.

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