Media bubbles: everybody’s got one and everybody thinks the other side’s stinks. For those of you who may lean liberal and not know what’s trending on your conservative brother-in-law’s Facebook page, here’s a look at what was hot from right-leaning media and commentators this week. And for conservatives, here’s what the left was reading.

Hannity lists Obama ‘scandals that didn’t get a special counsel’

Sean Hannity’s website drew many readers with this listicle outlining more than a dozen accusations made against the Obama White House over the years that were never investigated by a special counsel. Hannity has been one of the most outspoken defenders of the Trump administration during its turbulent early months and he has consistently accused the “liberal media” of bias against the president and of blowing its troubles out of proportion.

This post reflects a widely held belief among many conservatives that the news media hypocritically gave President Obama and Hillary Clinton passes while jumping all over Trump.

The liberal media and desperate democrats were delighted this week over news the Department of Justice has appointed a special counsel to oversee the Russian-Trump “witch-hunt.”

The left’s hypocrisy couldn’t be more transparent.

For eight years the Obama administration and Clintons skated through scandal after scandal – many of which violated federal law – without a peep from the Attorney General or the FBI.

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‘We are watching a slow-motion coup d’etat’ 

The theory that a cadre of “deep state” anti-Trump operatives are in cahoots with the “mainstream news media” to undermine the president is embraced by many on right. On The Federalist, James Downtown said, “It’s nearly incontrovertible that a slow-motion coup d’etat is now taking place.”

Since November 9, 2016,…