Three-year-old girl clinging to life in Tucson hospital

DEMING – The community has rallied for one of its own.

A candlelight vigil was held at 8 p.m. Saturday at Luna Courthouse Park to pray for three-year-old Audi Santistevan who is fighting for her life in a Tucson hospital. The daughter of Bo Santistevan and Valerie Marie Pastran is alleged to have been the victim of child abuse, according to Tucson Police.

Through Facebook posts, a mass display of support has rallied the Deming community to offer prayers for the toddler Audi. The child has brain trauma and is in an induced coma to help alleviate swelling of the brain.

The vigil drew just over 200 people who held candles and prayed together. They were led in song by volunteer musicians from St. Ann Catholic Church Parish and were led in prayer by an unidentified pastor.

Photos of Audi were framed and placed on a table and a donation box was quickly filling with change and dollar bills. A account has been established and $1,200 had been contributed as of Saturday evening.

The Tucson child abuse case out of Pima County stretched into Deming and Luna County early Thursday morning.

Tucson Police reached out to the Luna County Sheriff’s Office early Thursday morning to alert investigators that a person of interest involved in a child abuse case may be in the Deming area.

According to LSCO Captain Jose Martinez, investigators from the LCSO went to the home of Gilbert Cuhen, 31, and met with him there at his residence. He was brought to the LCSO without incident, and following a brief interview, he was released.

Cuhen is the boyfriend of Audi’s mother, Valerie Marie Pastran.

“We could not hold him any longer,” Cpt. Martinez said. Pima County authorities were working on a warrant in the case. We had no reason or legal right to hold him.”

After talking by phone with a Tucson investigator, Cuhen headed back to Tucson and turned himself in to Arizona authorities.

According to a News Channel 4 Tucson report, a 911 call came in Wednesday, April 26, by a woman driving her daughter to the hospital.

The mother told police everyone was home when she heard a commotion in the home. When she went to check she found her daughter unresponsive and drove her to a hospital.

On her way to the hospital she dialed 911 when her daughter’s condition worsened, according to TPD.  Upon examination by medical personnel it was determined the girl’s injuries were a result of…