Commentary: It’s happening in Venezuela; at least we can all agree!

By Youri Aramin Kemp, BA, MSc., CFM, AFA, ChE

In response to the Venezuelan ambassador to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Raúl LiCausi, I’m thrilled at the notion that the ambassador saw fit to respond to my submission on the state of his country. To me, and several other observers, we claimed it to be a failing state at worst and extremely challenged at best!

Quite rightly, the ambassador did suggest I take a visit to Venezuela in order to assess the situation for myself. Of course, I would love a chance to interview the ambassador and President Maduro. I will state here in the space where this exchange first started, yes, I will go to Venezuela, but only if the kind ambassador accompanies me from New Providence, Bahamas, on route to Venezuela and, of course, at his expense and under his security detail and diplomatic coverage.

Youri Aramin Kemp was the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidate for Garden Hills in The Bahamas and the party’s spokesperson for finance and the economy

In light of that, I also want to publically state that I am not a part of the corporate-media elite, working for them or carrying the water for any particular large media establishment. I don’t think the Caribbean News Now is a part of that global elitist media machine either, but oftentimes the publisher causes me to wonder? (In jest.)

However, I do in fact follow the news. And unless the amount of people being filmed protesting in the streets in Venezuela, which sources close to me have confirmed, along with what is being portrayed in most of the media, are either extras on a large movie set at the very least or carefully created holograms at the very best, then I would assume that no one is making anything up with regard to the unrest and incivility taking place in Venezuela.

Now that is not to say that everything in the media is spot on correct or unexaggerated. I am one that believes that most, if not all of the…

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