Comic-Con 2017: Reality-bending ‘Legion’ VR has what every Escape Room needs

Actor Dan Stevens, who plays David Haller on “Legion,” wears the Hololens headset surrounded by the actors who were a part of this immersive experience.

Matthew Simmons

Two attendants usher me inside a building that looks equal parts hospital and prison, staring me down like I’m some kind of freak. 

They place a transparent headset on me, and I’m put through a series of tests so they can determine whether I’m a danger to myself. All the while, voices play inside my head, telling me how to use my psychic powers to escape this intense setup.

My bracelet says my name is David Haller, the main character from the FX series “Legion” based on an X-Men-related comic book character, and with Microsoft’s HoloLens headset combined with these excellent actors on a real-life set, I’ve truly become part of the show. 

I choose how I want to speak to the actors, and they coldly ask me to use my powers to make objects (which I can only see through the HoloLens) float. The speakers inside the headset give me further directions as allies “telepathically” guide me through this tense scenario.

Man, it’s heavy, and I absolutely want to do it again. 

The HoloLens can place virtual objects in your field of vision, which Microsoft has previously shown off with Halo and Minecraft-themed concepts. But in this case, the objects, combined with the in-person acting, enhanced the idea that I was the powerful X-Man struggling through this. Frankly, every escape room-type experience could use this kind of augmented-reality immersion — you are still seeing the real world as it’s playing out, but through the HoloLens you also see…

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