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Maybe you just didn’t catch them. You missed the newspaper that day, or didn’t check TV or listen to radio.

Today, for the second time this month, we do some catching up with sports tidbits and newsworthy nuggets from recent days.

Crews – The Chief communicator 

Bill Hamilton is an award-winning hall of fame sports information director who represented South Carolina State University athletics well for many years and still helps the Bulldogs programs on a weekly basis in his semi-retirement.

So, it’s not surprising that two of his former student assistants at S.C. State are among the 32 communications specialists working for National Football League franchises today.

Avis Roper works for the Indianapolis Colts, while Ted Crews works for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Crews recently won a Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. “Salute to Excellence” award from the Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation, an organization named after the NFL’s first African-American head coach, Frederick Douglass “Fritz” Pollard.

Puzzled at first as to if the email telling him he had won the award was even legit, Crews soon told his wife, Michelle, about it. Shortly after that phone call, he sat in his office for a while, quietly pondering how proud and excited his late father (who passed in 2016) would have been for him. Fortunately, when Cruz got the news of the award, his mother Bobbie was visiting in Kansas City.

Bobbie reminded him of all the times his dad took him to his All State Insurance office, teaching him about management, respect, how to carry himself and how to speak in a professional environment.

“Wherever the dads are, their legacy is on their sons,” she added.

When Crews got to college in Orangeburg, his initial dream was to be a sports broadcaster — idolizing the now-late Stuart Scott (an ESPN icon). But the English major at S.C. State was introduced to Hamilton and soon an internship led to a mentorship.

Hamilton needed help getting some coverage for the Bulldogs football team, so he asked Crews to attend a press conference.

“I asked him to take some notes, and then, write up a little story,” Hamilton recalls. “It was kind of hard for me to hide my enthusiasm to what he’d done. It was really good. I said, ‘Well, maybe that was a little luck.’ So, I told him to do it the following week, and it was even better.

“Crews became the person to do the notes from our press conferences on a weekly basis, and he got better and better.”

That was nearly two decades ago.

“We are proud of him here, and not only did Ted turn out to be one of my most productive students, but we were great friends and I have a close tie with his family as well,” Hamilton said recently. “To have Ted and Avis reach that level, personally, I’m gratified; but the university is…

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