Climate Change Statements by Al Gore on BC Wildfires and Trans Mountain Pipeline disputed by Friends of Science

“Carbon dioxide is not a control knob that can fine tune climate” – Judith Curry, Atmospheric Scientist, Georgia Tech

In energy terms the current generation of renewable energy technologies alone will not enable a civilised modern society to continue

An interview with Al Gore posted in Maclean’s magazine of July 21, 2017, in which he blames British Columbia wildfires on human-caused climate change is disputed by Friends of Science Society. According to BC Wildfire officials, of the 310 wildfires as of July 07, 2017, two-thirds were caused by humans and thus preventable, as reported by CBC news.

In the Maclean’s magazine interview with Mr. Gore and his producer Jeff Skoll, the fact that Prime Minister Trudeau had a cameo in Al Gore’s new film was mentioned, with Gore touting Trudeau’s climate “leadership.”

Friends of Science says that Trudeau’s climate change policies will destroy Canada, referring to their YouTube video interviews with Ottawa energy policy consultant Robert Lyman, a former public servant and diplomat, who called the policies “expensive virtue signalling” that no competitive nation would ever follow.

Indeed, President Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement on June 1, 2017 on such grounds, citing economic destruction to the US for no measurable reduction in global temperatures, even if all countries did their part. Friends of Science blog post of June 9, 2017 entitled “Just the Facts” deconstructs the Paris Agreement in plain language.

In the Maclean’s interview of July 21, 2017, the jet-setting Gore claims he disapproves of Trudeau’s “continued heavy use of fossil fuels” and Trudeau’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Trans…

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