ClearPoint Strategy Releases Municipal Measures Library

ClearPoint Strategy is excited to announce the release of the ClearPoint Municipal Measures Library, recently launched at our third annual Strategy and Performance Management Summit, hosted by the City of Fort Lauderdale in February. Developed in direct response to needs expressed by our clients, the library allows municipalities around the world to share the measures they are tracking, in the hopes of encouraging increased collaboration and performance among local governments.

Unlike most benchmarking tools, the measures included in the ClearPoint Measures Library are ones that the communities themselves have chosen to track, and are being actively updated by the strategy leaders of the municipalities themselves. Several local governments have assisted in the development of this library, including the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, the City of Olathe, Kansas, the City of Vaughan, Ontario, and the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, among others.

According to Ed Foley, Performance Analyst at the City of Olathe, Kansas, “Ted Jackson [Co-founder and Managing Partner at ClearPoint] took our feedback and just started moving on it. It shows the level of commitment and support we can get out of ClearPoint, and it has seamlessly been integrated into the software to create a truly great product.”

In addition to adding measures to the Municipal Measures Library, municipalities can easily integrate the measures that they see and like throughout the library into their own scorecards within ClearPoint. The measures can be searched for, filtered for, and categorized based on program areas such as transportation, public safety, and public works. Contact information for the measure experts at each municipality is also provided for users, in the hopes of encouraging increased connection and more effective networking between local governments.

Lawrence Pollack, Budget Director for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado recalled the city having what he described as a “lack of comparables.” With the introduction of the Measures Library, the city of Fort Collins has been able to draw from other high-performing municipalities to enhance their own measures, as well as evaluate changes to metric targets based on benchmark data.

Foley described the City of Olathe’s participation in the Measures Library as “being part of a community of excellence.” We hope to continue to expand upon this community of excellence as we grow the Municipal Measures Library, and continue to help local governments enhance both strategy and performance.

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