City Council is no longer broadcasting citizen’s forum

In the last nine months, the Charlotte City Council and Mayor Jennifer Roberts have been assailed in public – and on live television – by protesters of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting, immigration advocates and by those on both sides of the abortion debate.

At times, the citizen’s forum grew so heated that council members and Roberts left the dais to a chorus of boos and jeers, and some officials worried about their own safety.

In response, council members have quietly decided to turn off the cameras.

Republican council member Kenny Smith said he and his colleagues felt the bi-monthly citizen’s forum had “drifted” from its intent for citizens to ask officials for help with things like fixing potholes. He said council felt that having the forum on television was making tense situations volatile.

“We haven’t changed the number of people who can speak, and when they can speak,” said Smith, who is running for mayor. Smith chairs the council’s governance and accountability committee, which made the recommendation in April.

The city has held two citizen’s…

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