Choosing Between Two Cool Tablets


There are people who are loyal to a certain brand no matter what its competition comes up with. This is the same with loyalists of computer giant Apple. Even though its biggest competitors offer tons of features on their products and offer them at low prices, most people who have experienced using the products of the company established by the late Steve Jobs generally don’t switch to a different brand.


Avid fans of this innovative and trailblazing brand are mostly reluctant to migrate to another brand. They’ve gotten so used to the powerful and truly user-friendly features of their Apple devices that using something else for them is like going back to riding a bicycle after having been used to driving a Ferrari. There’s one thing that users of this brand usually have a concern, though, and that is whether to ditch their unit and upgrade to the latest model.


One of the dilemmas of some owners of Apple’s iPad 2 is whether or not to get the new but much smaller model called iPad mini.  If you’re in the same quandary, here’s a brief comparison of these two tablets:


Portability – Of course, both of these tablets were designed to be very convenient to take with you wherever you go.  However, the iPad mini’s name already suggests of its smaller size (only 7.87 inches high and 5.3 inches wide), which makes it more portable. This petite size allows it to be slipped easily into a regular-sized purse or into one of the side pockets of your backpack.


Processing power – These two devices are dead even in terms of their processing power since they both use the dual-core A5 chip. If you decide to get the mini, you give up some size but still get the same power in terms of processing. Indeed, big things can come in small packages.


Display – Since the mini is smaller, its display is also reduced. It only has a 7.9-inch (diagonal) display, which is almost 2 inches smaller compared to iPad 2’s 9.7-inch display. If you want to view photos or…

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