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Bill is now an ornithologist and wildlife presenter, fronting shows such as Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Bill Oddie Goes Wild.

He is currently appearing in BBC One’s The Real Marigold Hotel as part of a group of famous senior citizens on a journey of discovery across India.

He has three grown-up daughters and lives in Hampstead with wife Laura. 

What was your most memorable holiday?

Back in the 1980s Laura and I were meant to be going to the Scilly Isles with two other couples and their children but all the grown-ups kept dropping out leaving only me and a group of six girls aged five to eight.

People have asked how I managed. My strategy was constructive neglect; I simply let the girls run free around the island. It’s important for children to have their own adventures, as if they were in The Famous Five.

And your worst?

I was offered the chance to make a BBC film in Papua New Guinea and so I asked my then fiancée Laura if she’d like to honeymoon there.

Her face said, “Over my…

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