CD8+ T cells promote proliferation of benign prostatic hyperplasia epithelial cells under low androgen level via modulation of CCL5/STAT5/CCND1 signaling pathway.

Previous studies by our group have shown that low intra-prostatic dihydrotestosterone (DHT) induced BPH epithelial cells (BECs) to recruit CD8+ T cells. However, the influence of the recruited CD8+ T cells on BECs under a low androgen level is still unknown. Here, we found CD8+ T cells have the capacity to promote proliferation of BECs in low androgen condition. Mechanism dissection revealed that interaction between CD8+ T cells and BECs through secretion of CCL5 might promote the phosphorylation of STAT5 and a higher expression of CCND1 in BECs. Suppressed CCL5/STAT5 signals via CCL5 neutralizing antibody or STAT5 inhibitor Pimozide led to reverse CD8+ T cell-enhanced BECs proliferation. IHC analysis from Finasteride treated patients showed PCNA expression in BECs was highly correlated to the level of CD8+ T cell infiltration and the expression of CCL5. Consequently, our data indicated infiltrating CD8+ T cells could promote the proliferation of BECs in low androgen condition via…

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