Canoeing On The Water Can Be A Great Adventure

Canoeing is a very fun water actively to do. You get to row down the river for hours and it can be do peaceful and relaxing. It is a time where you can spend time with your family and friends. You can even go canoeing for a few days if you wanted to. Some canoeing trips are longer than others, if you rent an canoe you will have a time limit to get them back. If you have your own, you can stay out as long as you want. If you are going on a long trip, it may be a good idea to take a guide with you so you can get back if anything might happen.

You will need to bring sun screen with you so you will not get burned. Sun burns from being out under the sun all day long can damage your skin if unprotected. It might also be good to bring hats, long sleeved shirts, sun glasses, and a first aid kit with you. Do not bring anything with you if you do not want it to get wet or make sure it is in an airtight, watertight container because the canoe can flip over or water can splash in the canoe with you if the water is rough. You have to watch out for rocks, tree breaches in the water, and watch the way the water is moving. You can run into unexpected rapids and some can be very dangerous. This is why you should always keep your life jacket on while canoeing

You can take classes on how to canoe correctly so you will know what you can expect when on the water. When you are rowing the canoe, all you have to do is have someone or yourself row one each side to control the canoe. If you row on one side you will go in circles and might not go anywhere. Not all canoeing trip are rough, some are smooth rides. It just depends on where you go. There are canoe rental places that conduct day trips or longer on many rivers and they are not that expensive in comparison to the fun and adventure you can have. Some places you may have to call ahead of time to rent the canoes because they go fast on hot days.

You will want to bring lots of water and food with you if you are out for a long time so you will not get hungry and more importantly, dehydrated. Make sure you bring a watertight cooler with you to keep the food and the water cold. You will need to put ice in the cooler or the food can go bad. These are things you will need to do and bring. A lot of people go camping when they are out canoeing so they can be out there for days. This is another reason why a cooler is good to bring. You will need to make sure the cooler is strapped down so it will not fall out or slide around in the canoe if it rocks. This goes for any other supplies you bring along too.

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