Canadian Tire apologizes after Indigenous customer thrown out of Regina store – Saskatchewan

An Indigenous man is speaking out after he was accused of theft and thrown out of a Canadian Tire store in Regina where he was trying to buy a chainsaw. 

Kamao Cappo, who was involved in the altercation, posted a couple of videos online showing the incident, which occurred Wednesday. Canadian Tire has since apologized.​

Cappo, who is of First Nations heritage, said he was in the store to buy a chainsaw, but noticed a problem just before purchasing it and left the product with customer service. 

He said he placed a one-litre can of oil and a spare chain he was planning to purchase inside the box in order to make it easier for an employee to carry, which is when a man who also worked there accused Cappo of attempting to steal.

Cappo said he felt humiliated. 

“You’re being tossed out of a place for doing absolutely nothing wrong and you can’t believe that it’s happening,” he said Thursday. 

‘I knew this was wrong’

Cappo refused to leave the store and instead recorded the interaction with the employee on his phone, posting two videos to Facebook that show the interaction grow more heated. 

Altercation inside Regina Canadian Tire2:06

“I knew this was wrong. He couldn’t come up to me and just order me out of there, and I knew they had done this to a lot of Indigenous people, and I knew if I let him get away with this, that is saying, ‘It’s fine to do this,'” said Cappo. 

At one point, the store employee grabbed Cappo to lead him out. 

As the exchange escalated, the employee pushed Cappo up against a shelf. He then pushed him toward the exit, with Cappo sliding on his feet. 

“The only way I can fight back is with a video. If I argue, I’m not going to get anywhere. If I try to return the abuse he’s giving to me, that’ll only put me in jail.”

Online reaction

Since the altercation, several people have reposted the video or tagged Canadian Tire in posts online. Many of the…

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