Can neuroscience explain a computer? (by Elena Blanco-Suárez)

By Elena Blanco-Suárez

One of the most common metaphors in neuroscience is that the brain is like a computer. Yet this comparison fails to illustrate how complex our brains are. The brain, like a computer, receives information and analyzes it. However, there are substantial differences in the way a computer or a brain manages information as well as how and from where it receives the inputs, among many other reasons that render the analogy inaccurate.

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Eric Jonas from UC Berkeley and Konrad Kording from Northwestern University in Chicago took this metaphor a step further in an amusing – though slightly disheartening – article in PLOS Computational Biology, alluringly titled Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor? Their intention was to confront the possibility that current neuroscience techniques might not be the best to decipher the workings of the brain. To do this they analyzed a microprocessor as if it were a brain. They collected…

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