Can computer science education be fun?

Retail sales and truck driving are two of the most common jobs in America. They are also jobs that may eventually be automated. That’s why David Delmar, executive director and founder of Resilient Coders, said, “Coding is the new blue-collar job.”

Accepting that reality, though, means that a lot has to change about how we educate kids. Yet, “For most states and school districts, the notion of computer science for every student is a relatively new and unexplored topic,” according to 

Even though there are currently 530,472 open computing jobs nationwide, only 42,969 computer science students graduated into the workforce last year.

Technology has certainly made its way into schools, and more educators are using various devices to enhance education. Using these devices has helped to shift the way parents and teachers think about public education and the need for computer science courses in schools, but it’s been slow going.

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