Can A Microwave Oven Help Relieve Stress?

Can a microwave oven help relieve stress? Yes! That microwave oven in your kitchen can help you relax and feel less stressed, both physically and mentally. This handy kitchen appliance found in most modern kitchens can actually help you relax in ways that you may not have thought of before.

1 – Use your microwave oven to ease away neck tension and stress

Fill a clean old sock with plain white rice and tie it in a knot at the open end. This is a great use for that sock whose parter has been missing for a while. Place the rice-filled sock into your microwave oven and heat the sock at full power for one minute. Place the rice-filled sock over the back of your neck and relax as the heat helps ease away neck tension and stress. The rice holds the heat in for a while to let you relax for longer. You can keep the rice-filled sock and use it over and over again. This method can also be used for aching knees, ankles or shoulders. Put a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil on the sock for extra relaxation. Rosemary essential oil or tea tree essential oil work well for this purpose.

2 – Use lavender to relax your brain and help you fall asleep

Studies have shown that lavender has a profound effect on the brain, specifically the limbic system. Some people refer to this as the reptilian part of our brain, since it was one of the first parts to develop that is still with us. Lavender causes an involuntary relaxation which is especially helpful at bedtime. Place 3 drops of lavender essential oil into a coffee cup filled with filtered water. Heat at full power for one minute. Place the hot lavender water onto a bedside table and breathe deeply until you fall asleep. A word of warning: consult your doctor before using lavender if you are on any medications. It truly is a powerful relaxant and because of this it can strengthen the effects of a central nervous system depressant.

3 – Make a valerian root and chamomile tea before bed

Fill a mug with…

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