Caesarstone To Unveil Future Kitchen In Collaboration With Pratt Industrial Design Students At

In designing the kitchen under Thorpe’s guidance, Pratt students underwent an extensive process that began with research to find solutions for water systems, composting, robotic farming, smart technology and food storage. Next, they toured Caesarstone’s factory in Richmond Hill, Georgia to further understand the material. After the tour, the students went to work developing their own future kitchen. 

The initial inspiration for the future kitchen was to showcase the hearth as the focal point, which ultimately drove the design. The students chose Caesarstone quartz surfaces to allow people to envision the future through a familiar and timeless material.

“Quartz is a fundamental element and will continue to be in the future. As technologies advance, quartz surfaces will evolve to become even more fundamentally integrated,” Thorpe said. 

The final design is a circular formation with high-functionality. The fire pit is at the center surrounded by layered surface styles and elements necessary for a kitchen, such as a dishwasher, food preparation area, sink, storage, and waste compartment. A dining table is also attached. Students chose Caesarstone in Raven, Fresh Concrete, and Statuario Nuvo mixed with stainless steel and glass.

“At the WantedDesign exhibit, you will see how the kitchen will act as a sculpture within the space and will allow the audience to truly imagine what the kitchen of the future will look like,” said Feras Alhabib, industrial design student at Pratt. “To me, the Caesarstone quartz surface is the liaison between the present and the future of kitchen design.”

“The future kitchen is a return to fundamentals of humanity,” adds Thorpe. “It’s about the reclaiming of the family unit through the pleasure of cooking.”

Domino Magazine will host a breakfast and panel discussion Tuesday, May 23 with Designer & Architect Marc Thorpe, Chair of Industrial Design Department at Pratt, Constantin Boym, designer Danielle Trofe and Pratt students, to discuss design trends surrounding the kitchen of the future. Please RSVP to

About Caesarstone
Caesarstone is a leading developer and manufacturer of premium quality quartz surfaces. Established in 1987, the company pioneered the quartz surfaces and continues to manufacture high-quality surfaces utilizing advanced technologies and proprietary knowhow. Caesarstone surfaces consist of up to 93% quartz, retain the cool tactile qualities of nature’s strong stones while offering freedom of design with enormous application possibilities including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall paneling,…

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