Brazil exchange student reunites again with old friends from PHS

One sentence in a photo book Peggy Cramer had printed explained well her and DeeEllen Ervin Davis’ longtime friendship with Alice Salles of Rio de Janeiro.

“Miles can’t keep us apart.”

The book commemorated a trip the three friends from two different countries took to Sanibel Island, Florida.

The trip was just one of several the friends have taken together since they met 45 years ago, when Salles was an exchange student at Parsons High School her senior year.

“I come from a very big family. I am the youngest of seven, and all my brothers and sisters came to U.S. as an exchange student and the same happened in my house in Brazil. We received many American students, six before I came and two after I came, so we had eight American students spending a year with us. My parents sent me here as part of an international program, Youths For Understanding International. It is all over the world. I came in 1971 because the age to come is between 16 and 17. So I came here,” she said.

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