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Call it the case of the delayed dinghies.

The Canadian military wants to replace its fleet of inflatable landing craft, which is more than a quarter-century old, with 350 new inflatables designed for rapid deployment of up to a dozen infantry or engineers in each boat.

Public Services and Procurement Canada has flubbed the order twice since last year – and will be trying to place an order for a third time later this year.

The first request for competitive bids was issued May 30, 2016, revised that July, and was cancelled soon after “following questions from industry regarding the performance specifications,” says a memo to then Public Services Minister Judy Foote.

The department reissued the tender Nov. 23 and attracted four bidders. One of the bids was eliminated because it didn’t meet the technical requirements.

Public Services and Procurement Canada plans to put out for tender an order for 350 inflatable landing craft later this year – the department’s third try to get the deal done. (Zodiac Hurricance Technologies Inc.)

On Jan. 27, 2017, the contract went to Zodiac Hurricane Technologies Inc. of Delta, B.C., a leading builder of inflatables, for almost $6.4 million – described as the lowest-cost bid.

But the deal started to deflate almost immediately.

“The department became aware of an irregularity regarding the conduct of the bid evaluation,” says the March 23 Foote memo, obtained by CBC News under the Access to Information Act.

Efforts to fix the problem just let more air out of the balloon. The bureaucrats’ request for more information from one of the bidders “was unclear” and “contrary to standard process,” says the heavily censored document.

No operational impact

The department decided to cancel the deal and start over again – with a new team of bureaucrats.

“The government of Canada will work to cancel the current contract with Zodiac and seek to re-tender for this requirement,” says the memo. “Steps will be taken to…

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