Bill Gates Answers Redditors’ Questions On AI, Healthcare, Fake News

Billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates held his fifth “Ask Me Anything,” or “AMA,” session on Reddit Monday afternoon, using the handle “thisisbillgates” and giving fellow Redditors his input on everything from artificial intelligence to healthcare.  Read on for the highlights.

On fake news and getting out of your bubble

“I felt sure that allowing anyone to publish information and making it easy to find would enhance democracy and the overall quality of political debate,” he wrote, adding he was concerned about the “partitioning” of political opinions. “It would seem strange to have to force people to look at ideas they disagree with so that probably isn’t the solution. We don’t want to get to where American politics partitions people into isolated groups.”

On his the technological innovation he wants to see before he dies

“The big milestone is when computers can read and understand information like humans do,” Gates said….

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