Big Need to Solve Windows Issues by Microsoft

When we look in previous years such as 1995, we see that Microsoft is planning to launch its operating system Windows 95. Instead there were a large number of reports about the presence of bugs. After this, Microsoft launched his more superior product called Window 98 but it was also filled with Y2K bugs. After that Microsoft launched Window NT and its various versions and then it reached to Window XP. After that there comes the turn of Window vista and then prepare the most virtuous and popular version known as Window 7 but it is a big collection of bugs, errors and include a bundle of patches as well as security issues. The culture of Microsoft is repeated again and again from Windows NT, 2000, 2003, server, enterprise versions and now reached to Window 8, the latest version. It is the simple knowledge and the people who even not faced any problem with the windows operating system says the common thing that the latest version is very much better than the previous versions but the only problem is the presence of huge number of errors and bugs. Now to solve this problem the only thing left to Microsoft is that to prepare a product which is a bulletproof shield against all the bugs and errors.

The update available should only relate to the features of the operating system i.e. it should improve the behaviour of the product and improves its efficiency to the next level. It is very easy for the competitors to criticise the product and keep harping against it. But now to get the 100 percent efficient product is the major issue for the Microsoft. Windows XP, Windows 98 and the further developed product have almost same vulnerabilities. So after facing these problems for a long amount of time, Microsoft has decided to eliminate this problem from their future products. They are trying to prepare software which is safe by default. Microsoft always tries to provide various fixes by means of updates to remove the various problems faced by the user but this method is not…

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