Benefits of Bike Shelters for the Workforce

In today’s environment cycling to the workplace or school is a healthier way of travelling. Providing bike shelters in a commercial or educational establishment not only assists with healthy living but also gives the added benefit of helping the environment.

The physical and mental benefits of cycling daily for the individual are widely recognised. Some of the positive effects of regular cycling include a stronger immune system, increased physical fitness and improved ability to cope with stress – all of these lead to a healthier, happier workforce or student population, which of course in turn benefits schools and workplaces.

Some benefits for businesses

It is fantastic that a company can have a fit and healthy workforce which provides its own benefits to the company but there are also benefits from a business point of view. A few examples of this are:
•  Freeing-up Space: More people cycling to work means they will need less space than car drivers. This will save you space and money.
•  Happy Cyclists: Providing good facilities to those that are already cycling to working could reduce staff turn-over therefore reducing recruitment costs.
•  Corporate Image: Encouraging people to cycle will also improve your corporate image and may help you obtain ISO 14,001 status for its environmental management system.

What you need to know about cycle shelters. When looking to add cycle parking to business premises here is a mini guide to help you understand what works.

Cycle shelters should:

Be highly visible and signposted if necessary. Rather than hiding it away in the corner it should be something that you are proud of and want to promote to everyone.

Have ease of access and be close to the final destination, this shows that you are serious about people using this facility and makes life easier for those who participate.

Be safe and secure, people should feel that their bike is safe when they are working or studying. We offer a range of different…

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