Bank robber strips naked and runs down Las Olas Boulevard tossing money, FBI says

A naked man running around downtown Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday afternoon was enough on its own to turn heads.

But there was more. According to the FBI, he had robbed a bank and was throwing stolen money to people, and you had even more of a spectacle.

Alexander Hayden Sperber, 25, of Fort Lauderdale parked his red Ford Mustang near a Regions Bank branch at 100 SE Third Ave., went in about 3:06 p.m. and, extending his index finger as if to depict a gun, pointed at a teller, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Sperber also claimed he had a gun, and told the teller he would hurt her and others if his needs weren’t met. She put approximately $4,700 in a bag he provided, the FBI said.

Among the cash was a red dye pack and as Sperber left the bank, it exploded, leaving colorful evidence on his clothing and on a cast on his left wrist.

And that’s when he made his memorable appearance Las Olas Boulevard, authorities say.

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