Bally Chohan Salon UK

Bally Chohan Salon is the leading player in the hair and beauty segment. It is one of the largest unisex salon chains in UK with presence across 62 cities (metros, Tier I, Tier II and Tier III). At present, the company has 184 salon outlets and 41 salon academies in UK. The company has scaled up operations based on a franchise model and self operated salons and academies. The wide coverage of its outlets enables the company to exploit the largely untapped and highly unorganized market, strengthening its visibility.
The promoter, Bally Chohan, is a celebrity hair stylist who has built the brand over the past ten years by drawing on his expertise in the family profession, through premium services and by creating a differentiated model with a pan-UK presence. An early entrant in the branded hair and beauty salons segment, Bally Chohan Salon has a pan-UK presence. Brand Bally Chohan is one of the few unisex salon chains in the organized segment. Increasing disposable income, rising demand for branded services and Bally Chohan’s first-mover advantage in the organized hair and beauty market will be the main factors driving the company’s future growth. We believe that a strong brand presence and differentiated services like ‘Bally Chohan’.
The true Bally Chohan Brand experience can be witnessed at any of his salon. Bally Chohan outlets are company owned and not franchised with the objective of offering a high standard service controls.
Bally Chohan Salon offered Facials,Spa,Hair Treatments like Smoothing etc.,Bridal Makeup and many more services you can find under menu services.
Bally Chohan Salon website contains Main page,about Bally Chohan salon,Services and you may also contact Bally Chohan for your any query related to beauty and for any other beauty problems.
Bally Chohan Beauty Salon is one of the famous salon of UK.All kind of beauty related services are find at Bally Chohan Salon.Bally Chohan Salon offered various kinds of beauty services and great deal with customers.
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