Baby Elephant Loses Her Mom To Poaching

It took just one bullet to change Zongoloni’s life forever.

In September 2013, people spotted an injured mother elephant stumbling around the bush in Kenya. She had a baby calf with her — Zongoloni, who was only around 18 months old at the time.

Zongoloni with her dying motherDSWT

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) and Kenya Wildlife Service Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit quickly dispatched a team. When they found the pair, they anaesthetised them so they could treat the mom’s injury — a poacher’s bullet had struck her in the right leg, shattering the bone.

The vet team cleaned the mother’s wound and gave her painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. But since the bullet was embedded so deeply into her bone, they worried that she might not make it.

“Although the team did all they could, the prognosis was relatively poor as she was struggling to walk far and with a young calf,” Robert Brandford, executive director of DSWT UK, told The Dodo. “This was a very difficult…

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