B4N SwitchOS by Brain4Net Becomes the World’s First ONF Certified x86 OpenFlow Switch

Brain4Net’s product development strategy is aimed on building service-oriented and fully converged networks with bare-metal hardware, while implementing disaggregated control and service layers above. This strategy generates an important momentum for the networking industry by providing customers with the freedom of hardware choice without vendor lock-in and the ability to select the best fitting equipment option while supporting the same feature-set. Customers are now able to build their networks in a plug-and-play manner by using different switching systems as building blocks.

In pursuing this strategy, Brain4Net has developed B4N SwitchOS as part of the B4N Service Platform, the flagship product of Company. B4N SwitchOS is a lightweight multi-platform Network OS which delivers high-performance packet processing in virtualized environments as well as on hardware appliances, including ASICs, NPUs, and X86 platforms. The product is intended to introduce hardware abstraction by delivering the same user experience and feature-set, regardless of hardware assets installed in the network. B4N SwitchOS helps customers to enable feature-rich SDN networking by supporting the full set of OpenFlow 1.3.4 features, flexible pipelines and value-added features beyond the industry specifications.

To ensure compliance with industry standards, Brain4Net’s products are independently certified by a third-party certification partner. In particular, B4N SwitchOS was certified by the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab, the certification laboratory of ONF. The lab is one of the most authoritative bodies in the SDN industry and has hosted both interop and testing events in various technologies for over 25 years.

OpenFlow Conformance testing program completion guarantees the highest level of product conformance with an OpenFlow…

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