Autism; Soothing the Senses and Saving the Planet without a Sink

WaterPlay Systems™ Portable, Multi-Sensory Station for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The beauty of this sensory station is only surpassed by it’s functionality. I have not seen any product like it with touch, sight and sound all in one for the Autism community.

After five years of designing, prototyping, and testing, Suwanee, Georgia based startup WaterPlay Systems is launching a new concept in sensory interaction. The idea of water interaction for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is nothing new in itself. However, the comprehensive design, developed by BeOriginal, will bring multiple aspects of sensory interaction together in one product at a reasonable price.

“The initial idea came when my wife, who was a para-pro in a special needs class was talking with a speech therapist about the ongoing concerns of children on the spectrum, either overflowing the sink playing in the water or burning their hands by using hot water,” said, now CEO of WaterPlay Systems™, Lou Leazenbee. “I thought to myself, I can solve that problem.”

So off to the hardware store and other suppliers to gather parts to make his water circulatory system. Once Lou had a working model he attended an Autism Conference to display his initial approach. “With over 40 years of introducing new products in the scientific market, I was simply amazed at the positive response I received,” commented Lou.

He then took his concept to a long time business associate Barry Brimer, founder at design studio BeOriginal. “After seeing Lou’s concept, I knew we could design a better user experience while adding additional functionality and interactivity,” stated Barry.

After two more years of design, prototyping, and testing, both Lou and Barry knew they would need a strategic partner to bring the unit to market. They sought out a company that wanted to make a difference and had manufacturing capabilities. “When we were approached by Lou to be involved in a project that, at its core, used water to help children on the spectrum, OASE knew it dovetailed beautifully with our company’s motto ‘Living Water,’” stated Doug Ward, President of GeoGlobal Partners, a division of OASE.

For another two years WaterPlay Systems™ worked with local organization, Social Skills Today, provider’s of spectrum camps and clubs for all ages of ASD.

The Sensory Station has three main sensory components: touch, sight, and sound. First, a continuous water flow system. Second, an interactive LED light strip built into the unit that shines, not only on the water, but also displays outward. And third, a built-in USB plug for adding an optional Bluetooth™ speaker.

WaterPlay Systems™ will start taking pre-orders on April 24 during National Autism…

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