Author Mindy M. Mather’s new book “Never Gone” is a romantic drama pitting misguided parental wishes against the true loves and desires of their children.

Mindy M. Mather, a passionate reader and writer living in the small town of Fernley, Nevada, has completed her new book “Never Gone”: a gripping, suspenseful, and steamy romantic drama of young love, passion, and despair. Will true love triumph over the coldhearted business transaction envisioned by the wealthy patriarch of the Breckenridge family?

Michaela’s life is abruptly turned upside down when her parents announced that she is to be wed to her childhood friend, Walter, on the night of her eighteenth birthday. Her dream of going to college and achieving her own goals are shattered, and the walls seem to be closing in around her as she realizes that her life’s purpose will be to do nothing more than be Walter’s wife and help him run the family law firm.

Her love interest, Landon, doesn’t understand why she can’t just tell her parents no and not go through with the arranged marriage, but they don’t even know that she has been dating him for the last several months. Michaela knows that even if they did know about Landon that they wouldn’t approve. Landon is from the poor side of town, and in Michaela’s parents’ eyes, he would not be fit to marry her, but she loves him all the same. To make matters worse, her cousin, Windi, is head over heels in love with Walter. They have been in a relationship for years, and Windi has always believed that she and Walter were meant to one day be married. Walter, however, intends to go through with the wedding out of respect for his parents despite the fact that he does not love Michaela. As the wedding plans are put into motion, Landon becomes more and more determined to find a way to stop his true love from entering into a marriage that neither she nor the groom actually wants.

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