Author Mary T. Mickel’s New Book “Eight Tips to Excellent Teaching” Is an Inspiring Work Written for Educators and Those Who May Be Considering a Career as a Teacher

Mary T. Mickel, a recently retired speech-language pathologist, principal, and executive director after a career spanning thirty-five years, has completed her new book “Eight Tips to Excellent Teaching”: a must-read for parents, teachers, administrators, and all who are involved in the education of children.

After retiring in 2015, with thirty-five years of experience working as a speech-language pathologist, principal, and executive director, the author was compelled to write a book. The experience of observing, evaluating, and coaching many new and experienced teachers gave the author the inspiration and purpose for writing. Mrs. Mickel is passionate about having a highly effective teacher who has excellent classroom-management skills teaching every child each day. She also wants parents to understand what to expect from a highly qualified teacher and how important it is for parents and teachers to work together to ensure that each child’s needs are met.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Mary T. Mickel’s informative book is an important resource for anyone wishing to identify or become a highly qualified teaching professional.

“Eight Tips to Excellent Teaching” was written to inspire all educators and, especially, teachers who are new to the field or those who may be considering teaching as a career. Many people believe a career in teaching is easy, until they spend a day in a classroom. This book may serve as a reference for anyone wanting to know what is expected of a highly qualified teacher. It includes eight questions that one should ask of themselves before considering teaching as a career. Once a determination has been made to pursue teaching, the book takes the reader through the acronym EIGHT (encourage, inspire, get prepared, be…

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