Athletes: prepare for life after sports

Last fall, student-athletes broke the school record for the highest cumulative grade point average in any fall semester, earning a 3.10. This was also the 10th consecutive semester that Temple’s athletes recorded a cumulative GPA over a 3.00.

This performance is impressive given that student-athletes have tight schedules — bouncing between classes and practice and completing homework can be stressful. But it’s imperative for athletes to perform well, both in their respective sports and within the classroom, so they can find careers in their chosen fields after graduation. The university and its athletic program have emphasized academics and should continue to do so.

“If you look at pro sports, like the NBA, the odds of getting drafted are not very good,” said  Justin Miller, senior director of the Resnick Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes. “It’s about saying, ‘Eventually everyone’s career ends,’ no matter what sport, so it’s making sure that the…

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